Joyful Peace Yoga

   Laura LeJeune 

200hr E-RYT

500hr E-RYT

  Faith Integrated Yoga Instructor    

Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider


"Let us always meet one another with a smile, because a smile is the beginning of peace" ~ Saint 'Mother' Theresa

Hello, my name is Laura LeJeune and allow me to be your yoga-guide as you sojourn towards peace; peace in body, mind and spirit. Having received a formal education in Biology and Comparative Anatomy, I enjoy the anatomical and physiological explanations and benefits behind the asana/postures, as they are the most easily accessible qualities as you begin your yoga journey.   The past 12 years (and 4,000+ hrs instruction) have found me aspiring to bridge the gap between body and mind; designing flows to support the individual's journey towards wellness and calm.  Each of my classes utilize imagery, and breath work will be the current on which you ride awareness, and in time, begin to appreciate the inner workings of self; the thoughts, emotions and stirrings that make you, YOU.   I feel it is my vocation to serve as an inspired guide; kindly inviting exploration and curiosity into what makes each person the individual they were born to be and to find peace in that wisdom~  

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                              Yoga Alliance certified 200hr ERYT

                                       (Cincinnati Yoga School)

                       Yoga Alliance certified 500hr E-RYT

                        (Svastha Yoga School- Ganesh Mohan, MD)

                 Faith Integrated Yoga Instructor (YogaDevotion)

                   YACEP (Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider)

"ZOOM" Group Sessions

very reasonable pricing

 Vinyasa Yoga
(vinyasa to link asanas)
Monday & Friday 8-9:15am

Vibrant Light Yoga
Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm 

Gently Moving Yoga
(easy movement is medicine)
Wednesday 10-11:15am


Private & Group

Each session is carefully prepared to meet your unique goals and considerations.  I bring a pleasant, yet professional and respectful experience to you, at your level of comfort. 

Give yourself, friends or loved ones the gift of Health in 2021!!!!!!


Please contact me to schedule private or semi-private sessions in the comfort of your home

(Church, Community, Corporate, Healthcare sessions available too!)

 In Faith Integrated Yoga classes

we gather in the presence of God, 

surrounded by the

healing Light and love of Jesus 

and by the breath of the 

Holy Spirit.  

Centuries ago, the sage 

Patanjali laid out a kind of map-

one that suggests not just asana

and meditation but also attitudes

and behaviors to help you chart

a course towards contentment.

Faith Integrated yoga classes

offer a Christian approach

to the 8 Limbs of Yoga-designed

to lead you step by step toward

happiness and communion with

the Lord. 

     Faith Integrated
         Yoga Classes 
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Giving back to Community 

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Daily and weekly "Community Yoga" classes have raised over $9,100+ to these important charities!!!

Thank you Yogis!!


Special Events

chair yoga.jpeg

"Chair Yoga" 

a devotional twist

Mondays 12-1pm

$5/drop in

Faith Community UMC

Cox Rd West Chester

"Advent Yoga"

Mark your calendars!

Mondays @ 7pm

Nov. 29

Dec. 6, 13 & 20


Helpful Tips when working on


1.  Soften your gaze on a singular point

2.  Focus your mind on the sound/feel 

          of your breath

3.  Firm your core

4. Root down while lifting up

5.  Know that balance is NOT lack of 


6.  Balance IS keeping mentally and 

          emotionally stable while things 

           are in flux around you!

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